Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LAUGH with ME!

So, James shared his favorite cartoon with me. And oh my goodness was it funny. I had a definite Sorensen laugh attack while watching this clip. I have been listening to Musicals all day long and am in the greatest mood ever! Life is WONDERFUL. I hope that you take time to laugh EVERYday and enJOY it! Just as in Mary Poppins, "I love to laugh!" Thanks to my family, my awesome boyfriend and each of my dear friends I get to laugh all the time!

Freakazoid Clip that will make you BURST in laughter!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Click on Face ;)

I love YOUR face.

This little video is adorable. I am so grateful for modern technology so that I can see the face of James Spencer, Lara, Jayson and Jackson Seaver.....love their faces!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Roots

When you think of two people joining together in marriage, there is a great history on both sides. I love these artist renditions by Norman Rockwell. I am so grateful for my roots and branches in my family tree. There are so many incredible individuals that I owe my life to.
Thank you for the white legs, the Sorensen nose, the freckles, the ease to laugh, the love for music, the need for adventure, the great faith, the desire to give...endless wonderful things are given to us because of our family roots. How grateful I am for mine!

Covered Bridges in Washington!?

Yes, indeed, there are.
I was shown by a great friend, James Spencer,
that there are indeed. And I thought they
were only a joy of the east coast. Silly me.
I love covered bridges and think
that they are so quaint and delightful.
While serving in Pennsylvania I grew to love
these monuments of days gone by.
If you want to discover them in WA
click here.

Let the THINGS THAT MATTER MOST take flight!

So, I have not been on here for a whole year and a half. A bit of catching up to do.

I just finished serving the best full time mission in the world. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The memories and friends I made there will FOREVER bless my life and inspire me to be better every day. I know that life is meant to bring happiness and that is what the mission allowed me to focus on. The important things, of things that matter most and the the things that count! I was able to see miracles of countless measure as I learned to serve the Lord and do His work. When you think of the things that matter most to you, what comes to your mind?

the Book of Mormon
Adventure (LIFE)

Just a few that come to my mind. There is so much to LOVE about LIFE! And I intend to keep filling my bushel with things to love. The FUTURE holds endless possibilities and will come one day at a time. I am excited to see what it brings my way. What does it bring yours?

Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Tenth day of Christmas....

...I got to make cookies with mom and andy...and get sick...

Mom has a great big piano recital that she does every year with her cute students. It is the Cookies and Carols Concert of the year! So, I helped her make cookies for our 10th day of Christmas. Making cookies really is one of my favorite pastimes. But then I had to get sick as well. I am hoping that it is just a 24 hour quick little head cold! Because I don't tolerate being sick in the least. So, I am acting like I am not sick and still trying to get everything done and enjoy these last days at home.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few Projects.

I had the opportunity to make our Relief Society Christmas invitation this year. It was a really neat project to be in charge of. The theme of the evening is the nativity. They were really a neat project and I loved the painting and quote I found that matched the theme perfectly. I also got to make posters for the event.

The other was a wedding take away tag for my friend David Hefner's wedding. They had Elsie Godfrey make 100's of caramels and then we all helped wrap, bag and tie the whole things together. These tags were really fun to make. A lot of work. But really fun! The theme they wanted was the damask pattern and then the little saying. Then I got to go from there!